Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

Carrizo Springs School

The Carrizo Springs School and the Flagpole

The Carrizo Springs School (also called the Cole School by some) was located where the  North Crease and the West Crease of the Carrizo Creek join on what was the Dunlap Ranch.

The tall cottonwood trees were a beautiful setting for hide and seek places which was one of the games the children loved

writes Dola Mitchell in the 1983 Baca County History Book.  In addition to Mitchell who began teaching there in 1929 some of the teachers there through the years included, Mrs Florence Findley, Leona Skinner, Frank Rick, Estaline Hodges, Clarissa Robbins, Dwight Saunders and as shown in the image below my Grandma Susie Looney who later married my granddad and became Susie Huckaby.

Carrizo Springs School 1917-1918

Students in addition to the ones listed above include:  Bill Mizer.

Nearby, was the Davis school which was established in 1908 and was consolidated with the Carrizo School in 1920.  My  grandma also taught there along with Flora Rogers.

Possibly Davis School which merged with Carrizo School in 1920  my Grandma Susie Huckaby is on far left and my great aunt Nora Layton is on the far right
Possibly Davis School which merged with Carrizo School in 1920.  We are not 100% sure this is the Davis School but  it is different than the stone structure of of the Carrizo School and is the only other school where my Grandma taught.  My Grandma Susie Huckaby is on far left and my Great Aunt Nora Layton is on the far right

Fast forward almost 100 years and the album below is the restored  Carrizo Springs School.     The restoration was required as the North Crease  channel changed and cut into the west bank.  This subsequently cut away about half of the school building. The Carrizo School was redone primarily by Ike Osteen and John Neal with assistance from other members of the Dunlap Family.  The project began in  9 – 27 – 1989 and concluded 12 – 10 – 2001

Carrizo School during restoration

Boom Town Map with Butte City2018
Carriso Springs was located in Southwest Baca County. For more on Boomtown maps checkout my blog on Boom towns of SE Colorado

Below are 2014 photos of the school.  

Carrizo Spring School
Inside the Carrizo Springs School
Carriso Springs School looking north
The Flagpole at Carrizo Springs School


Baca County. Lubbock Texas: Specialty Publishing Company, 1983.

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  1. Hazel Dunlap worked for my dad, Harvey, for many years. I spent many weekends at the Dunlap ranch when I was young. My dad and my uncle, Earl Kirker, bought many cattle from the Dunlaps. Drove them to Prichett to put on the train.

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