Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

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  • When did it the Old Stone Schoolhouse become the Masonic Temple?

    The question that led to this blog was, “When did it (the old stone schoolhouse) become the Masonic Temple?”   I couldn’t answer the question off the top of my noggin so I went to a resource I found awhile back, James Hill’s 1941 Master’s Thesis, “A History of Baca County”  Hill was superintendent at Vilas […]

  • The Old Stone Schoolhouse in Springfield

    “…the handiwork on that building – during those times – defies description.” -Aug Blanchat We’ve talked many times about the old Springfield School our social media groups and how it was built in 1889 by the Swiss Stonemason Joseph Blanchat.   This is an update to the previous blog.  The building served as the elementary and […]

  • Carrizo Springs School

    The Carrizo Springs School (also called the Cole School by some) was located where the  North Crease and the West Crease of the Carrizo Creek join on what was the Dunlap Ranch. The tall cottonwood trees were a beautiful setting for hide and seek places which was one of the games the children loved writes […]