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Sunrise in Southeast Colorado


Thought I would start posting a few Baca County Sunrises…

Sunrise on the last day of the 2014 Baca County Fair, August 2, 2014
Sunrise on the last day of the 2014 Baca County Fair, August 2, 2014

I shared a few of these with one of our Baca County Facebook groups and below is how people describe those.   I have included in this gallery those posted on Facebook and all of the other good pictures taken on my January 28, 2015 morning drive between Springfield and Lamar. Most of these aren’t actually in Baca County…but pretty close.

  • The colors of home
  •  Beats being in rush hour.
  •  Wow!
  • Beautiful
  • Just beautiful! !!!
  •  Home
  •  Stunning.
  •  Only God can paint a picture like that
  •  Breathtaking! God is the best artist.
  •  Truly amazing
  •  Amazingly beautiful!!!
  • Looks like home, just beautiful
  • breathtaking!! God is the best!
  •  Gorgeous! Makes me feel at home!
  •  Absolutely beautiful makes me miss home.
  •  Stunningly beautiful‼️
  •  Beautiful. …This is what makes the plains worth living on!
  • “This is Home”
  • Incredible
  •  No place like HOME on the range!
  •  I miss living down there Absolutely gorgeous!
  • Although typically used to describe mountains, I do say the one with the windmill looks “majestic.”
  • Amazing artist at work; The one with the single windmill against the fire red sky is desolate,and melancholy, yet somehow comforting.
  •  NICE!!



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