Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

Month: July 2019

  • News from Baca County July 23, 1897: Hail Knee Deep and Attend the University of Notre Dame

    Here is another installment of news from Baca County July 23, 1897. More perspective on 1897 news in Baca County. The storm discussed in Minneapolis must have been doozy. Check out the price of bicycles and the Article on War Balloons. Again there was only local news on the last page with Homsher’s store being […]

  • News from Baca County, July 16, 1898

    The news from the July 16, 1898 Springfield Herald is exactly 121 years ago, July 16, 1898. In 1898 the editor of the Springfield Herald was L. A Wikoff. There wasn’t a lot of local news.  Each week there was a weekly Crop report by F.H. Brandenburg out of Denver. They mention insurgents in Cuba […]

  • Baca County News Nov 1898,

    The following provides a sampling of a what was important in Nov 1898 as reported in the Nov 11, 1898 Springfield Herald. I think in the future I will tie these closer to the Month in which they occurred, but we will start with this one for now. There was very little local news. J.R. […]

  • Those Who Have Claimed Baca County As Their Own

    By Steve Doner “Although some may look at this list and say Virgina????, Spain???? this is the most complete listing of entities claiming the area known today as Baca County Colorado. Many such claims were made with the claimant not really knowing what they were claiming. They were essentially saying, “We own everything from here […]