Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

I would rather be in a Tulsa Jail than cutting broomcorn…


We know that harvesting broomcorn was a hard itchy process but  at my “Broomcorn Capital” presentation 2 years ago Shorty Miller may have driven the point home when he told us that one broomcorn Johnnie told him,

I would rather be in a Tulsa Jail than cutting broomcorn.  

I haven’t posted much broomcorn info lately but I may have a lead on some Baca County broomcorn harvest video and I would like to use this post to get you to post some Broomcorn Johnnie memories.

In the meantime for some of you who are a little “wet behind the ears” like myself these videos are very helpful in really understanding some of the stories we have been told…for others this will just make you itch!!

Our Baca County Johnnies were mostly from Eastern Oklahoma and to a lesser extent Texas. Note in this video it notes the Illinois Johnnies are from Tennessee and Kentucky.  The second video has no audio but again provides a lot of great video.

Broomcorn Johnnies (Arcola Illinois)

Broomcorn Days in Oklahoma

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