Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

Month: January 2015

  • The Dust Bowl Days: by George Chatham

    The Dust Bowl Days: by George Chatham As I shared in an earlier post the Elmer & Lela Chatham family left Baca County and moved to Power’s county sometime in the mid 1920’s. My grandparents (Fred and Ethel Chatham) moved from the “dug-out” on Fred’s homestead to Elmer Chatham’s homestead March 13, 1924. The reason […]

  • “Hand Dug Wells” by George Chatham

    By George Chatham In the area where my granddad Chatham and Great Uncle Elmer homesteaded there were no live springs or natural water holes to obtain water for household use or for the livestock to drink. So it meant that one of the first priorities of homesteading was digging a well. The two homestead wells […]

  • Sunrise in Southeast Colorado

    Thought I would start posting a few Baca County Sunrises… I shared a few of these with one of our Baca County Facebook groups and below is how people describe those.   I have included in this gallery those posted on Facebook and all of the other good pictures taken on my January 28, 2015 morning […]

  • FAMILY WELL DISPUTE: by George Chatham

    By George Chatham After my grandparents, Fred and Ethel Chatham, were married April 14, 1914, there was a “dug-out” build on Fred’s homestead; but exactly when it was built is in question. Apparently there was a well dispute and the couple lived for a time with her Father, Daniel Chenoweth, who was a widower. According […]

  • How My Grandparents Met: by George Chatham

    By George Chatham My Great-Uncle Elmer Chatham filed a “homestead” claim to 320 acres on South Horse Creek, located 7 1/2 miles north and 2 miles west of Springfield. That claim was proved January 12, 1917. It was on this homestead that I grew-up. Because Fred Chatham, my grand-father, wasn’t old enough to file a […]

  • My Roots in Baca County Colorado: By George Chatham

    NOTE: I would like to welcome George Chatham to Happy Reading. By George Chatham My roots in Baca County go back three generations. My Grand-dad and his brother, Fred L. Chatham and Elmer Chatham came together to Baca County sometime around 1910 or 1911. The exact date we aren’t sure. According to family members […]

  • The Old Stone Schoolhouse in Springfield

    “…the handiwork on that building – during those times – defies description.” -Aug Blanchat We’ve talked many times about the old Springfield School our social media groups and how it was built in 1889 by the Swiss Stonemason Joseph Blanchat.   This is an update to the previous blog.  The building served as the elementary and […]