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Free Dust Bowl Teaching Resources


August 2018 NOTE: This resource will be updated extensively later this fall as I am currently preparing a resource “The Dust Bowl: The View from Ground Zero.”  Stay tuned.

Growing up in Springfield Colorado in the 1930’s, my mother was a child of the Dust Bowl.   I asked her once if she remembered Black Sunday any more than some of the other dust storms  and she said,

not really they were all about the same.

Dustbowl in my hometown, Springfield Colorado, May 21 1937, Source: Box in my Mom's Basement

Dustbowl in my hometown, Springfield Colorado, May 21 1937, Source: Box in my Mom’s Basement

I have heard stories my entire life about the Dust Bowl and the Dirty Thirties so I am so excited about resources such as the online complements to The Dust Bowl produced by Ken Burns.  This resource is an interactive story about the dust bowl. The Interactive Dust Bowl includes video clips and scenarios for students to work through.

The Interactive Dust Bowl from PBS

Link to Interactive Dust Bowl

After each video clip students have to make a decision to either keep farming or move onto something else.  Interesting that all my relatives decided to stay.  I hope others can learn about this era and the hardy folks that called the dust bowl home.

NOTE:  This post originally appeared on  This post is a teaching or technology resource rather than a pure story.  However,  it adds value to the archive my Baca County friends and neighbors are creating to archive the Baca County stories we have heard our entire lives.

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