Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

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  • The Spring Tragedy of 1895 at Konantz

    The Spring Tragedy of 1895 at Konantz

    (Once again I got a little carried away and this article is longer than it should be. Please read what intrigues you and ignore the rest.) By Steve Doner When my twin sister and I were growing up, one of our daily chores involved gathering the milk cows when we got off the school bus…

  • The Search for the Elusive Broomcorn Seeder

    The Search for the Elusive Broomcorn Seeder

    By Steve “Sodbuster” Doner Several months ago Kent Brooks and I were discussing that it was a shame that Baca County did not have any of the equipment from that bygone era in a place where people could learn of the tools of that industry.   Most of the pictures we have of broomcorn seeders…

  • Cooling Troughs in SE Colorado: Includes A Video Tour by Steve Doner

    EDITORS NOTE: We have included videos from our good friend Steve Doner’s Youtube Channel. If you like history Subscribe Now. We live in an era where refrigeration allows us to have foods from all over the world.  Modern refrigerated trucks and ships bring us foods which are kept in the fridge or freezer for months,…

  • Those Who Have Claimed Baca County As Their Own

    By Steve Doner “Although some may look at this list and say Virgina????, Spain???? this is the most complete listing of entities claiming the area known today as Baca County Colorado. Many such claims were made with the claimant not really knowing what they were claiming. They were essentially saying, “We own everything from here…

  • 2017 Baca County Fair: Early Baca County History Presentations

    Steve and I would encourage you to bring maps, clippings, and stories that will add to the database of information about places all over the area of what is now called Baca County.   Very excited to get the chance to share a few more tidbits about early Baca County Colorado History.  

  • Place Names of Baca County by Steve Doner

      This information was taken from the website – Some information may indeed be questionable, but we have to start somewhere. Information I have added is in italics. This format does not allow for grids so the listings follow -Town/Location Name – County – Type – Notes – Section/Township/Range – Reference To save space…