Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

Tag: Minneapolis

  • Preacher Evans: The Great Orator of Minneapolis, Colorado

    Public speaking was an important part of life in 19th century America. Whether you wanted to win an election, win support for a reform movement, or become a successful minister, you needed to learn how to deliver crowd-pleasing speeches. Candidates for office debated one another. Evangelical ministers hoping to win people to their denominations could […]

  • News from Baca County July 23, 1897: Hail Knee Deep and Attend the University of Notre Dame

    Here is another installment of news from Baca County July 23, 1897. More perspective on 1897 news in Baca County. The storm discussed in Minneapolis must have been doozy. Check out the price of bicycles and the Article on War Balloons. Again there was only local news on the last page with Homsher’s store being […]

  • Tributary Towns

    As a continuation of my look at Southeast Colorado Boom towns (1886-1889) I thought I would toss out an interesting town ad for Lamar. Almost all of the towns which popped up during that era had an advertisement that was placed in newspapers “back east” (usually Kansas) to encourage settlers to come west. This is […]