Baca County History

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  • Decade of Dirt: A Book Project Primer

    Decade of Dirt: A Book Project Primer

    The Great Depression, and the much worse Dust Bowl that accompanied it, was the most impactful and profound time period, indeed the watershed moment, for southeastern Colorado. It was like year zero on our calendars, BDB – Before the Dust Bowl, and ADB – After the Dust Bowl.  Our good friend and history partner Steve…

  • I Was Working on the Railroad…In The Heart of the Dust Bowl?

    Dust Bowl noun, Associated Press staff writer Robert Geiger was in Boise City Oklahoma writing a series of articles on a day that is sometimes referred to as Black Sunday. In his April 15 release for the Washington, D.C., Evening Star he wrote: “Three little words…If it Rains” as the title of a story on…