Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

Tag: Goats

  • Orville Ewing’s Travels: The Animals

    Before we head into Orville’s travels during the 1940’s let’s take a peek at the the animal menagerie which served as Orville’s traveling companions over the years. This is the group that provided quite a background for those wishing to take pictures with him. The ox, burros, donkeys and/or mules were obviously used to pull…

  • Mrs. Tune, The Sheriff and the Goats

    NOTE: This is the first story I wrote down in 2009 when I began thinking about preserving local history. Vesta Tune lived in Springfield Colorado in the 1940′s and 50′s, Prior to that she lived in the Lycan Colorado area (north of the present day town of Walsh Colorado) near the Brooks side of my…