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  • Growing up in Baca County Episode 10 By John Havens

        On Saturday afternoons and evenings there was usually a little more activity in Vilas than other times, unless there was a ball game going on out of town.      Farmers would come to town and bring their cans of cream to leave at Tony’s Market and to stock up on groceries for the coming…

  • 2017 Baca County Fair: Early Baca County History Presentations

    Steve and I would encourage you to bring maps, clippings, and stories that will add to the database of information about places all over the area of what is now called Baca County.   Very excited to get the chance to share a few more tidbits about early Baca County Colorado History.  

  • A 2014 Thank You for Telling Your Stories

    In this era when people expect information at their fingertips and instant response to everything, our local history,  local stories and local collections which are so rich in history and cultural heritage are increasingly inaccessible.  Issues such as budget cuts and staff reductions are the usual culprits but part of this inaccessibility is also occurring…