Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

Tag: 1888

  • Baca County & the Deep Harbor Conventions of the Late 1880s & Early 1890s

    This piece provides an answer to  a note in the upcoming Plainsman Herald  Piece by Mark Schmidt on the first twelve years of Baca County Commissioner minutes in which he states the following: A curious note from April 9th 1891 minutes is the appointment of F.M. Friend as delegate to attend “The Deep Harbor Convention…

  • The Sidewalks of Old Boston

    The Springfield Herald had a regular series in 1918 called “Persons, Stories, and Incidents of Old Boston and the Old Days.”  The episode author is listed as “The Writer” who is actually Sam Konkel.   Left: Sam Konkel   Middle: Sam Konkel 188ish   Right Sam Konkel 1930ish Photos courtesy of Zaylan Konkel The October 19, 1918,…