If your schedule and interests permit, I’d be honored if you want to share a guest blog post about Baca county on the Baca County History blog so  that we can all enjoy.  I have enjoyed sharing stories about Baca County on Facebook with many of you but thought it might be good to  aggregate and archive some of this in a different place than Facebook.   It is not that I am a more stable resource than Facebook, but I do have something Facebook will never have.  I love the history and people who have made Baca County Colorado home.

Maybe this project stops with a few blog posts and tall tales or maybe we can transform the content into an update of the big brown Baca County History book from the early 1980’s. There are plenty of self publishing tools which could allow individuals to order as a coffee table type of book.  Utilizing tools such as Google Docs  for drafts and a WordPress blog for final content we can create a shared space where we can collaboratively add content about all things Baca County.  I can see lots of ways this will go and I am sure we will learn some things about collaborating along the way.   If you have ideas about how we can improved the process please let me know.

If you can and want to work on this that would be great! You can scroll down this document to read more in terms of guidelines / etc – basically just share something related to Baca County History, Family Stories, Local Lore Legends and other related content.  Please feel free to include links to your school, projects, blog, etc– I’d love for you to use this as an opportunity to amplify some of the work you’re most interested in… but themes of posts can certainly vary as long as it is related to Baca County Colorado .

To maintain some structure people will need to sign up for posting opportunities so that I can set up a guest account.  As we get guest storytellers (aka bloggers) we will come up with a schedule  so that we can space  the timing of posts.

Who Has Been Asked to Guest Blog?

Nobody, but all are welcome. Those interested in  recording stories of growing up/ living in / connections with   Baca County Colorado.  It is a time and a place to honor those who came before us and celebrate the history of  the place where we grew up.

Who will see these stories?

It will be accessible to the world virtually.  Because of our history and connections to the Dustbowl I think we will get traffic.  The Sonora Babb post that spawned this got 1162 hits in the first 21 hours it was posted and as of today Feb 23, 2013 it has 3555 hits as

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  1. I am proud to be from Baca County, My grandparents ,on both sides were from there . someday I will write a book about my experienreces while growing up there.

  2. I would love to write a blog post for Baca County. My grandma, Pamelia Regnier was born in Two Buttes, Colorado. I believe Regnier, Colorado was named after my ancestors, so I might be able to write something on that.

    1. Hey Beth I would love for you to write a post here. We could push it out to the Plainsman Herald as well. Were you related to Doc John Regnier at Balko then?

      1. Hi. I just now saw this. I must not have received an email. Sorry.
        Don’t know if I’m related to “Doc John Regnier at Balko”, but I’m guessing probably. A couple of my grandma’s brothers are buried in Baca county, and she was born there. I don’t know if I know enough to write, but maybe we could collaborate.

  3. I am a librarian in St. Louis, MO, assisting a student on a research project. I am looking for the name of the high school that was turned into an emergency hospital by the Red Cross in April-May 1935 due to the Dust Bowl. If you also know the town it was in, its coordinates, and the location of the other 5 emergency hospitals (I have an incomplete listing), I would greatly appreciate it.

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