Pre Baca County Towns

1. First Town Staked out in what became Baca County in the fall of 1886
2. This town moved a few miles south when they didn't find water.
3. Ezra Nowels Represented this towns interests in the 1889 legislature
4. This town is sometimes called Old Stonington
5. This town's founder, had a brother killed by the infamous Bloody Benders of Kansas
6. The Windsor Town company founded this town which eventually became the county seat of Baca County
7. This town, financed by Albert Hughes of the Boston Town Company was actually located just north of the Baca County border in what became Prowers County
8. This town, also part of the Boston Town Company, was advertised as being located on the banks of the Butte River in northwest Baca County
9. He ran a Republican Newspaper in Kansas, then moved to this town to open a Democratic Newspaper and represented the community in the 1889 legislature during the battle for the county seat
10. Other than Lamar, this town was the primary railroad station for those coming to settle in the area that became Baca County in 1889
11. The primary stage connection to Old Boston from the east was in this Western Kansas Town
12. Sam Konkel says this is one of 3 towns which had a house and an existence only in the imagination or on paper.
13. Sam Konkel says this is the 2nd of 3 towns which had a house and an existence only in the imagination or on paper.
14. This town was situated 70 miles south of Lamar, 100 miles east of Trinidad and 10 miles north of the west end of No Man's Land.
15. In 1918 Sam Konkel said, You will find the remains of this old town in 23 29 50 about one mile south of Butte Creek, and about one west of Freezout, where the holes and stone still show the streets and avenues to the once prosperous city.
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