Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

Category: Music

  • It is Given to Few: by J. Ralph Jett

    Reprinted from the June 1929 Issue of the Western Empire Magazine: Nineteen years ago there came into the little town of Two Buttes in Baca County, a suffering, and broken man. Upon his graying head sentence had been passed, and he had no thought but that his doom was sealed. Great Men of the medical […]

  • Dr. Verity’s Invention

    In a recent Facebook thread, Ted Burhenn asked about the history of music in Baca County.  I mentioned the Old Boston Band and after a couple other comments; I dug in a little to see what I could find.  There are a few things on Baca County music I am pulling together which includes info on Dr. […]

  • A memory that makes me smile… By Debbie Kuroiwa

    This memory is reposted with permission from the Kuroiwa Family Blog (Thanks Deb). This is one of my favorite pictures of all time…. This is me and my grandfather. Though I grew up in the same area as my grandparents, I didn’t really grow up with them. Oh…I knew who they were but….not really. My […]

  • A Tale of Sheet Music

    Posted with Permission of Kathryn Neufeld (Kent Brooks’ mother-in-law)  The last page was turned and I was sad to see there was no more music to play. For several days I had been playing through a stack of sheet music. Music that was written before my time. Some were dated as far back as 1926 […]