Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

Category: Military

  • Lucius McAdam: Baca County Pioneer and Confederate Veteran

    Lucius McAdam came to Las Animas County Colorado in 1886.  This was a couple years before Baca County was split off from Las Animas County and established as a county.  McAdam was born in Chariton County Missouri January 16, 1845.  He left Chariton County in 1884, spent a couple years in western Kansas before moving…

  • Letters Home: The Process for this Project is Developing.

    I am beginning the process of what I hope will be transcribing all of my Dad’s letters home from the Navy during WWII.   Since I don’t really know what I am doing I thought I would just start.  I don’t have a scanner with me so I will be adjusting some things I as…