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  • The Spring Tragedy of 1895 at Konantz

    The Spring Tragedy of 1895 at Konantz

    (Once again I got a little carried away and this article is longer than it should be. Please read what intrigues you and ignore the rest.) By Steve Doner When my twin sister and I were growing up, one of our daily chores involved gathering the milk cows when we got off the school bus…

  • Kansas Trip

    Kansas Trip

    We are getting closer to the completion of a project we will call “Before it Was Baca, Persons Stories, Incidents and Letters from the Early Day East Enders: 1886-1889,” We are waiting on a very interesting set of artifacts, but I hope can finish by the end of summer. The following letter excerpt from that…

  • Sam Konkel: The Writer

    Sam Konkel was the editor of one of the two Boston Colorado Newspapers, The Boston World (1886-1889) and later the Springfield Herald /Springfield Democrat Herald (1913-1930).  It was in 1918 -1919 during this time in Springfield where he relived and wrote during the stories of his time in Boston, which we used as the foundation…