Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

Month: December 2019

  • Growing Up in Baca County Episode 6, Part 1 by John Havens

    Note this episode references Fred Holister. More on Fred Click Here: Fred Holister: A Cowboy’s Story Many older people of the Vilas Community made an impression on my life. Some were school teachers, some were business men, others were preachers, farmers, and retired folks.    But one I would like to mention especially was Uncle […]

  • Growing up in Baca County #5 By John Havens

    As a teenager working around my Dad’s service station there was always something going on to make a good story.  One has to do with a fellow named Bob, who was known, for a time, as the Broomcorn King of Baca County.    One would never guess that Bob was a prosperous farmer.  He raised […]

  • Growing Up in Baca County, Episode #4 by John Havens

       As the dust storms increased many of the farm families and a few of the town residents had to pull up stakes and look for greener pastures.  As a kid working around the service station I observed first hand family after family load all their belongings into cars and onto pickups and head out […]

  • Growing up in Baca County by John Havens- Episode 3

       On the farm my pet was Big Dog, but when we moved into Vilas I had to leave Big Dog on the farm.  So for a while I didn’t have a pet.  Then one day when I was home from school, and sick with the Measles, Dad came in with the cutest little dog.  […]