Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

Month: February 2019

  • The Noted Burying Ground: Boston, Colorado

    The “Noted Burying Ground” or Boston, Colorado Cemetery shown in the Dec 2018 photo below is all that is left of what was Boston, Colorado of the Southeast Colorado plains.  There are two issues that must be clarified as we give you a bit of this story. The Southeast  plains reference is important as there…

  • An 1887 Letter from Judge Jennings

    Many of you are familiar with Judge JDF Jennings who was Vice President of the Boston or Atlantis (Colorado) Town Company from my book “Old Boston: As Wild As They Come.”    The Judge aka Judge Jennings aka John D.F. Jennings was a former plantation owner, an attorney, and a physician.  He served the Confederacy during…

  • How about something different…like an Early Baca County Town Crossword

    Well…here is something different. Here is an online version and a downloadable PDF. If you load the online version and refresh it may go away and you may have to delete your history or remove the cookies. If the online version doesn’t work, try this downloadable PDF. Good Luck