Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

Month: January 2019

  • Dust Bowl Research Update: Origins of the term”Dust Bowl”, Maps and more

    I have been collecting artifacts of the Dust Bowl as it relates to Baca County for awhile. My focus is compiling a resource that tells the “Dust Bowl” story from the perspective of the Baca County Newspaperman, in particular, Springfield Democrat Herald, Editor Ralph Williams.   However, the research from other newspapers across the country…

  • Kliesen City, Colorado’s Namesake

    As is normal, I was looking for something else when I discovered the namesake of another long gone Baca County Colorado town.  Mostly what we know about Kliesen City is that it was located north of the tracks, north of Vilas, Colorado. The present day Konkel lollipop factory is just south of what was Kliesen…

  • The Move To the New Host complete.

    The Move To the New Host is Complete.  The images not so much. Will be adding those back gradually.  Thanks for reading.