Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

Month: March 2017

  • Place Names of Baca County by Steve Doner

      This information was taken from the website – Some information may indeed be questionable, but we have to start somewhere. Information I have added is in italics. This format does not allow for grids so the listings follow -Town/Location Name – County – Type – Notes – Section/Township/Range – Reference To save space […]

  • Known All Over Creation and Down in Arkansas as The Great County Builder: Sam Konkel

    The more I dig into the history of Baca County, the more I appreciate Sam Konkel’s contributions to the development of early Baca County.  He started the “Western World” paper in Old Boston and ran it throughout the three years Boston existed. He left the county for several years before returning to the high plains […]

  • Another Baca County Wheeler: C. H. Wheeler

    Each and every small place is a cultural destination. Each small town has customs, history and traditions that make it unique.  I truly appreciate the opportunity to dig into many of these treasures that are Baca County history.   The following photo appears on page 62 (Campo history) of our 1983 Baca County History Book.  The […]