Baca County History

by the Plainsman Herald

Month: December 2016

  • Did Ben Franklin Really Have a Key Role in Bringing Broomcorn to America?

    In the talks I have given about broomcorn I have always mentioned that Benjamin Franklin is often credited with bringing broomcorn to America in the 1700s. This concept is usually presented as fact, but it turns out  that whether this is true or not is actually up for debate.  I introduced you to some of…

  • Broomcorn Research Progress 2007: by Dr. Sam Moyer

    Reposted with Permission by Dr. Sam Moyer. Although there hasn’t been broomcorn production in Baca County for many years, there actually has been quite a bit of research done  in the not so recent past.  My newest broomcorn acquaintance is Dr. Sam Moyer,  a geneticist and a broom maker from New Jersey.   Dr. Moyer has…