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Definition of Muleteer for Post A Bevy of Muleteers

A Bevy of Wandering Muleteers

Some might say Orville Ewing was  born 100 years too late.  However, I have discovered while learning about his adventures he wasn’t alone.  In various written accounts I have encountered references to muleteers traveling the countryside during Orville’s 30 plus years of traveling the highways and byways.  What is a …

Orville Ewing's Ox Cart Postcard

Orville Ewing’s Odyssey Begins

Orville Ewing called himself  an “artist from the Old West”. He crisscrossed the United States in his covered wagon/trailer with his menagerie for about 30 years, selling literally thousands upon thousands of different postcards of himself over the years and described in my previous post  “Orville Ewing’s Postcards”  A sample …