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Alfrey Truck in the front, probably a 1949 or 1950 Studebaker, Not sure whose truck is in the back

Broomcorn Research Progress 2007: by Dr. Sam Moyer

Reposted with Permission by Dr. Sam Moyer. Although there hasn’t been broomcorn production in Baca County for many years, there actually has been quite a bit of research done  in the not so recent past.  My newest broomcorn acquaintance is Dr. Sam Moyer,  a geneticist and a broom maker from …

broomcorn knife 2

The Broomcorn Knife

The knives were razor sharp and they wrapped their thumbs with the old style electrician’s tape (friction tape). Each night they would set around and sharpen their knives. -Ted Burhenn This wasn’t going to be my next post but with the many comments about broomcorn knives I began thinking of …

LOC Broom Picture

When the Humble Broom built Broomcorn Empires

It has been reported that  99% of all American households have at least one broom, and that a broom is vital to everyday living. -Los Angeles Times 1988 Think people don’t have strong feelings about the humble broom?   A recent review at of an old fashioned broomcorn broom says, …